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How much is the Peterbilt 388???

just any truck.

2008, 2007,or 1990, it doesn't matter.

average priceHow much is the Peterbilt 388???

Year 2008

Manufacturer PETERBILT

Model 388

Price $117,156

Location Stockton, California

Condition NEW

Number of Rear Axles Tandem

Engine Specs Caterpillar

Engine Brake Yes

Engine Type C13

Horsepower 470

Check for Over Drive No

Ratio 3.70

Stock Number 738180

Suspension Air Ride

Tires 22.5

Transmission 13 Spd

VIN 738180

Wheelbase 227"

Wheels All Aluminum

I need specs for 2000 Peterbilt 379 VIN: 1XT5DB9X9YN486567?

1. Size of the motor

2. # Transmission Speeds

3. Gear Ratio

4. Wheel BaseI need specs for 2000 Peterbilt 379 VIN: 1XT5DB9X9YN486567? 3406e



4.250 inches
  • gas mileage
  • I am a long haul truck driver with erectile dysfunction. Should I get a new Peterbilt?

    What is that Kenworth to you? You could keep on truckin' a long time in your present condition. If it is causing a conflict with your loved one(s), then it may be time to consider an overhaul. Maybe it is a problem with your rear differential. When was the last time you had your rear end checked?I am a long haul truck driver with erectile dysfunction. Should I get a new Peterbilt?
    Yes; then you can be a real Mack daddy and a crazy Cat.I am a long haul truck driver with erectile dysfunction. Should I get a new Peterbilt?
    I have a "turbo charged cummins", I would go for that before I would go for Peterbilt.I am a long haul truck driver with erectile dysfunction. Should I get a new Peterbilt?

    Does anyone know where i could get kenworth\peterbilt shirts? or any semi accessories?! like clothes?

    its my boyfriends bday and he is a truck driver of course and he wants some tshirt or cool accessories for his truck. does anyone kno of good websites where i can order from?!Does anyone know where i could get kenworth\peterbilt shirts? or any semi accessories?! like clothes?
    Go on ebay you can find most anything you are looking for.Does anyone know where i could get kenworth\peterbilt shirts? or any semi accessories?! like clothes?
    on EBAYDoes anyone know where i could get kenworth\peterbilt shirts? or any semi accessories?! like clothes?
    You might look for a local dealer and call to see if they have anything for sale at the dealership, it will be a whole lot easier than shopping online.
    Just go to a large truckstop. You will find more than enough stuff.

    What is your favorite make of Semi Truck?

    I drive a ready mix truck, and the truck I drive is a Sterling, but I have driven over the road and just wondering what make of semi do you like? I like Peterbilt, Kenworth %26amp; Frieghtliner myself.What is your favorite make of Semi Truck?
    The Peterbuilt 379 sure is a classic. I drove a Century class Freightliner and I really liked it. So you drive a ready mix truck huh? Have you ever seen an Oshkosh cement truck? That is one badass truck.
    KenworthWhat is your favorite make of Semi Truck?
    Autocar, 1960.
    I like mack and internationalWhat is your favorite make of Semi Truck?
    I like the MACK, it may not be the best looking, but it'll get you there and back. I've had too many mechanical problems with Freightliner. I haven't experienced the others, but it's been years since I've driven any big trucks.
    You named about the 3 best.. Peterbilt,Kenworth, and Frieghtliner... Don't like the look of the Mack but some awesome trucks

    Occasionally have to drive a International 4700 and was wishing the boss would buy a Ford f-650/750 instead
    Peterbilts are ok and kenworths use to a great truck but the top of the line truck is a volvo
    my hubby drives and he likes the same ones as u

    What iis the name of this early truck company?

    i saw one at a car show its was 1920s and was big and orange with a tank on the back. it is the company that became peterbilt. the name of the truck is like fragoil or fragel.What iis the name of this early truck company?

    |--------?--2 Points--?------
    "|""\__ beep beep make way for the 2pt truck

    |__________________What iis the name of this early truck company?

    Sounds like Fageol Motors. They built heavy-duty trucks in the Bay Area in Calif. and went bankrupt just before WWII. What was left of the company was bought by Peterbilt.What iis the name of this early truck company?
    Fageol Motors鈥?/a>

    What's the insurance term for when the repair cost exceeds the value of an auto? is it "totaled" out?

    I work as a mechanic at a small trucking co. and they had an older tractor in a minor accident but the cost of the new radiator, a frame bracket , and a bumper plus labor, at a Peterbilt dealer is outrageous. The truck has a rebuilt engine and trans. and $2500 worth of fresh tires,but its an '85. Is the word "totaled" the right term? It would be a shame. I would like to have it and fix it myself.What's the insurance term for when the repair cost exceeds the value of an auto? is it "totaled" out?
    Total Loss - A loss of sufficient size that it can be said no value is left. The complete destruction of the property. The term also is used to mean a loss requiring the maximum amount a policy will pay.

    If you would like to buy it back from the insurance, you can probably do that for salvage value. Well, you can't, but the owner of record can by accepting less and then you paying the difference and taking ownership. Talk to the boss and see what he says.
    write off is the termWhat's the insurance term for when the repair cost exceeds the value of an auto? is it "totaled" out?
    "totaled out" sounds like the proper term. Also, in some states you can "buy" a "totaled out" vehicle and have a "re-furbished" title your local dmv or secretary of state for more information....
    The term is total loss.

    When the insurance company totals a vehicle - they take the salvage and sell it at auction. You can ask the adjuster what salvage yard they use to dispose of the vehicle. If you know someone with a salvage license - you can call the salvage company and find out when it will go through auction and put a bid in on it.What's the insurance term for when the repair cost exceeds the value of an auto? is it "totaled" out?
    Totaled usually implies that it can't be repaired. Salvage means that it is either unrepairable or that it costs more to repair than it's worth.

    If you do salvage out a vehicle, you generally have to pay whatever could be gotten for it (and the metal is worth more these days). Then you get a salvage title. If you get it running again, you have to take it somewhere (such as Highway Patrol) and get certification that it is road-safe. Then you can get a title that allows you to drive it and get insurance, but it will always say that the vehicle was salvaged. So if it's in another crash . . . .
    Insurance companies look at the value of the vehicle or tractor, and they divdie that by two, if the cost to repair it is more than half of what the value of the vehicle is, they will call it a total loss, the insurance will then usually cut a check to get something around that same year etc. Normally if an insurance company calls it a total loss they will give you the option of keeping it for a sum of money, normally its just a couple hundred and they take it out from the amt. they are allowing you to purchase another vehicle/tractor. etc.
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  • Mini peterbilt body kits?

    ive seen them before and i was wondering if anyone knows of any sites or companies that build peterbilt body kits that fit 3/4 to 1 ton trucksMini peterbilt body kits?
    Hi,I hope that this link may be of some help to you鈥?/a>

    Flat bill peterbilt hat?

    My friends birthday is coming up and he is a major fan of Peterbilt trucks and flat bill hats..I know they dont make them but does anyone know ehere or who I could contact about making one special or anything? he would die and it would be the best present ever. thank you!!Flat bill peterbilt hat?
    Any truck stop would carry Peterbilt hats, but I think you're right- the bills are curved on all of them. Since they are made out of cardboard, not sure if you could make it a flat bill or not. Try dampening the bill with water and use the heat from an iron to try to take the curve out of it.

    Where is the temp. Sensor on the peterbilt 386 located?

    google " truckers report " it is huge truckers forum. Ask your question there.

    Value of a 1997 peterbilt?

    Need to know the value of a 1997 peterbilt conventional big rigValue of a 1997 peterbilt?

    How to set up the crank and the camshaft on a c15 engine?

    I need to know how to set up the crank and the camshaft on a c15 engine. It is a 2006 peterbilt 387 truck. Where can I find the specific instructions or if you know how to do it.

    Thank youHow to set up the crank and the camshaft on a c15 engine?
    Hayes Repair Manual
  • auto salvage
  • Need headliner for 1986 359 peterbilt?

    there are plenty salvage yards that specialize in trucks

    the one i go to is in chicopee masscheck your local yellow pages for truck salvage yardsNeed headliner for 1986 359 peterbilt?
    the headliner should be able to be custom made for you by any auto uphostery shop.also try truck wrecking yards on line they can do a nationwide search on their "hotline " for you. hope this helped a bit.

    What trucking companies use peterbilt 379's?

    can anyone please help me with thisWhat trucking companies use peterbilt 379's?
    there are a number of companies using the 379 (long nose),,,Werner is the biggest,,,379's are NOT just O/O trucksWhat trucking companies use peterbilt 379's?
    The 379 pete is usually an O/O truck. I cannot think of one company that is a recognized carrier that uses these trucks. Most companies that use Peterbilts have the 387 and the 386 class. The 386 class is an awesome truck. I think that USA Truck uses the 386.

    1999 Peterbilt 379 Owner's Manual?

    Hey everyone. I am having some questions about me 1999 Peterbilt 379 and I cannot seem to locate my owner's manual and I am having major difficulties finding an owner's manual for my truck on the internet. Can anyone help me find one or just give me a link or something? Thanks. :)1999 Peterbilt 379 Owner's Manual?鈥?/a>1999 Peterbilt 379 Owner's Manual?
    The website has info on truck floor mats and stuff like that but also has links to the major truck manufacturers websites and a bunch of online stores that sell Class 8 products. Maybe you can find something there ...1999 Peterbilt 379 Owner's Manual?
    You might go to ebay and type in your trucks info and ask for manual to and see what come up.

    Ac parts for a 2000 peterbilt ready mix truck?

    what??????? where to get them?????? what they look like??????? where do they go??????? how do they go???? wtf do you want to know??? details man, details!!

    Website that allows you to see a vehicle painted a differnt color before you paint?

    I am looking to paint a 1995 Peterbilt. Is there any websites that will allow me to see it in a different color before I paint? Not sure what color I would like best and do not want to spend all that money painting if I don't know what it will look like?Website that allows you to see a vehicle painted a differnt color before you paint?
    Nothing on the www to be found,sorry,.
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  • Peterbilt 525 overflowingbutnotgethot?

    Cooling system needs to be bledPeterbilt 525 overflowingbutnotgethot?
    Pressure test your system if everything checks out replace you radiator cap. Common problem in Freightlinners.

    Peterbilt, Freightliner, or Kenworth?? Truckers Help me.?

    OK. I am about to purchase a new truck and i dont know which one i should get. My options are The 2007 Freightliner Century Class, The 2007 Kenworth T600, Or the Peterbilt 387. All of them have 475 Kitty Cats in them and are all 13 speed. I like the peety cause it looks nicer than the other ones. Which ones should i Choose. Whats your opinion?Peterbilt, Freightliner, or Kenworth?? Truckers Help me.?
    There are less Used Peterbilt Trucks for sale than Freightliners or KW's. That say's that Truckers hang on to the Pete's meaning they are better trucks. Go Peterbilt.
    Have you looked at the new T-660?

    I haven't worked on one myself but I have seen them and they are very good looking and are supposed to be redesigned for fuel effieciency.

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    Peterbilt, Freightliner, or Kenworth?? Truckers Help me.?
    I am sorry people, but I am prejudiced. PETERBILT!
    Peety!Peterbilt, Freightliner, or Kenworth?? Truckers Help me.?
    Personally I like the Pete, its a nicer looking truck. If it has a sleeper there is lots of room. My husband drives one long haul and he likes it much better then an Eagle or Western Star.

    He says it drives well in the winter and like I said he just likes it. I really dont know much about the Ken or the Freightliner...sorry.

    P.S isnt a Pete a truck for a man?
    PACCAR builds both the Peterbuilt and Kenworth. Since you can customize either one with dozens of options, they are virtually the same. It comes down to personal preferences.
    if you order the pete makesure you order the upgraded insultation package,they are noisy and cold without it,if you want quiet and smooth ride look at a volvo,freightliner has the largest available bunk at 84 inches on 244 wheel base

    have fun and good luck

    Crankshafe Peterbilt 378?

    what happend is the crankshafe of a Peterbilt is not on timeCrankshafe Peterbilt 378?
    The crankshaft is not adjustable. I suspect the timing gears for the camshaft have either slipped or broken. Either way there's no easy fix. I imagine you're trying to make repairs yourself and have found they're quite involved. You don't say what type engine you have, Detroit, Cummins, Cat, so I really can't advise you much more than I have. I do suggest you have the truck taken to a reputable repair shop. If the camshaft is defective the heads may need to be removed to repair. Either way it's not something to try unless you are an experienced technician. Best of luck.

    Differential 456 Eaton on a Peterbilt 378?

    Why does my differential feel slow and stuck and they don't go more than 60 MPHDifferential 456 Eaton on a Peterbilt 378?
    Well that is a tough question... wwhen was the last time your brakes were checked? What rpms are you running at 60? Are you throwing black smoke more than normal? I need more info..

    What truck is better, a Peterbilt or a Kenworth?

    the PB and KW are good, but the Mack truck is the best!!!!What truck is better, a Peterbilt or a Kenworth?
    i like a pete
    Peterbilt.What truck is better, a Peterbilt or a Kenworth?
    Peterbilt!!!............Why?What truck is better, a Peterbilt or a Kenworth?
    My husband is a trucker and he likes Freightliner best! Of the 2, KW by far!
    KENWORTH............any day. Love those KW'S.
    I work for a north american van lines agency and, our fleet is Freightliner.
    Peterbilt...the Cadillac of rigs...or so all my trucker friends always told I like what I've seen of them (ride as well as looks)
    I used to like KW's but now that have seen how big and beautiful Pete's are, I gladly vote for Pete's.
    Pete's hold the road better. More reliable, nothing shakes loose.
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  • Peterbilt 378 Speed problem?

    I had changed al the filters and hoses, and the truck is mechanical running good, it still doesn't want to go more than 60 MPH

    What could be the problem ?Peterbilt 378 Speed problem?鈥? there are so many complaints on the 378 you probably wont live long enough to read them all. or "peterbuilt 378 consumer complaints"

    How much should it cost to detail my big rig?

    I have a 1983 Peterbilt 359 and it needs polishing on all its parts including the wheels. How much should this cost and do you know where I can find someone to do this?How much should it cost to detail my big rig?
    Any detail shop will do it...the streakin' beacon is a good place to start.How much should it cost to detail my big rig?
    Wildwood,Fla. about 500.00

    I am looking for a cross hood ornament for a 1998 Peterbilt. Can anyone help me.?

    your best bet would be like look on eBay. Good luck :)

    Need wiring digram for peterbilt truck?

    No problem... what schematic do you want? Please specify Year and Model.

    What is the complaint?

    I want luxury seating for a class 8 peterbilt?

    i have a pete 379 and want more luxurious seatingI want luxury seating for a class 8 peterbilt?
    You can find one at want luxury seating for a class 8 peterbilt?
    I have seen excellent peterbilt trucks on this site. Great site!!

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  • Peterbilt model question?

    Whats the difference between a peterbilt model 351 and a 281? they look exacly the same.Peterbilt model question?
    No they don't. The 281's had single axles and the 351's have double axles.

    Peterbilt model question?

    whats the difference between a Peterbilt 351 and 281? they look exactly the same.Peterbilt model question?
    I believe the 281 was a single axle with a tag axle, and the 351 was the tandem drive, they are both the same trucks.

    Importers of peterbilt trucks to Australia?

    You may be able to get this information by contacting;

    Paccar Australia Pty (Ltd)

    64 Canterbury Road

    Bayswater, Western Australia

    Phone (03) 9721 1500Importers of peterbilt trucks to Australia?
    Classic Trucks of Gympie Qld are importers and converters of new 379 peterbilts Phone 0428825368

    Peterbilt is cranking but not starting in the cold?

    i would say your fuel as gelled...bad newsPeterbilt is cranking but not starting in the cold?
    Check the filters. If you are going to have the fuel gel it will usually be in the filters. Try the drains on them to see if you get fuel out. Most stores will sell a diesel additive for after it gels, a popular one is from a company called diesel performance, it comes in an orange bottle and says 911 on it. You dump some in the filters and the rest in the tank then cross your fingers.Peterbilt is cranking but not starting in the cold?
    If you don't have a block heater you'll need to give it a shot of starting fluid to get it to start.Peterbilt is cranking but not starting in the cold?
    If it's spinning other then the fuel jelling might want to check if the glow plugs are working.

    Compression alone won't start it cold, it has to have the glow plug's heat to fire the fuel.

    I have 2003 peterbilt with a cat engine C-15 it seem to lack power?

    like it has a missI have 2003 peterbilt with a cat engine C-15 it seem to lack power?
    ok.I have 2003 peterbilt with a cat engine C-15 it seem to lack power?
    Sounds like it may be a fuel injector..
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  • How do i see what a 2002 Peterbilt is worth for free?

    Go to a truck stop and pick up a copy of the free magazine that lists big trucks for sale and look up one like yours and that will get you a ballpark price.How do i see what a 2002 Peterbilt is worth for free?
    blue book or a peterbilt dealer

    How long is a peterbilt 379 convetinal?

    its a diesel truckHow long is a peterbilt 379 convetinal?
    from 244" to 265" unless custom and stretched

    Peterbilt denton texas jobs?

    How hard is it to get on the peterbilt workforce? I have a perfect work history in the car business I have a good amount of college experience and I am only 21. I have two friends who work at the Peterbilt in Denton Texas and it seems like the perfect job for me. Where do I apply and what are my chances of getting my foot in the door?Peterbilt denton texas jobs?
    Peterbilt submits jobs int he Denton County Record Newspaper and also online. Be proactive also. Go up there and look nicely dressed and ask for a job. Register on linked in and find a mutual contact at the place. It is frustrating but you can do it. Read up on their history so you are familiar with their values and standards. Pray and seek God's help.

    Here is the website for the company:鈥?/a>

    Peterbilt Governor?

    I have a peterbilt truck a 97 model and i need to increase the engine speed, currently it runs 65 mph on a flat surface, if it hits a hill i go down to 55, its annoying how can i make it run open, its got a governor on it. thanks to ryder truck. PLEASE HELP ME!Peterbilt Governor?
    Are you tired of the guy with a leer who asks you if it is true that old truck drivers never become impotent, they just get a new Peterbilt??

    Forgive me for I know not what I do.
    Your lucky over here (UK) we're restricted to 55mph before we hit hills.

    If it's mechanical then it can be as simple as adjusting the throtle cable on the engine sometimes there is a stop bolt that stops the throttle opening fully. Even tightening up the throttle cable can give a little more power.

    Keep on truckin'Peterbilt Governor?
    if you own it then you can pay to have the computer reset.the problem may be more gearing and engine size for the load you well as the steepness of the hill.i drive a 500hp truck that does 75 on the flat and 55 on some hills and 65 on others,there are lots of variables
    first it matters not the cab maker ,the important information is ENGINE MFG. and design and hp rating. the trouble with getting them "TURNED UP' is if you pay someone to do it and it ain't yer truck hammerhead is exactly right ,the tech doing your oil change will turn it right back down,and if you buy all the stuff you need to turn it up yourself you still need the secret the reason i know this is I used to drive a big truck myself and I bought the scanner to turn it up and when i hooked up it asked for the code and until I paid a tech that was quitting a hunred bucks just for the code the scanner and cartridge were worthless,so if its not your truck and you are going to be in it a while ,GET THE CODE FIRST ,if you are just leasing the truck while yours is in the shop or something just tough it outPeterbilt Governor?
    Well better find someone with a laptop and the program to reprogram the computer.

    Most likely the next time Ryder services it it will be reset to 65 as that is what they want!

    Also IF you get into an accident the first thing they are going to do is check the computer to see how fast you were going, LOL

    Also if there is a qualcom on the truck they can tell how fast you are doing while you are going down the road and in some cases can reset the speed limit through it LOL.

    Peterbilt 13 speed high low splitter not working in low?

    itll work sometimes. its an air valve i think. which one. got stuck on the overpass last night....Peterbilt 13 speed high low splitter not working in low?
    Sounds like you have a Roadranger tranny. On the side of the tranny is a pressure regulator with an air filter. Could be you have a plugged up filter or a failed pressure regulator. Have you checked the selector valve for proper operation?Peterbilt 13 speed high low splitter not working in low?
    Ok . so just get it fixed. You obviously have no idea whats wrong or how to repair it, what do you expect us to do ? come out and fix it for you?
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  • 1991 wiring diagram for peterbilt 379 model trucks?

    needing all wire looms from front to back of truck1991 wiring diagram for peterbilt 379 model trucks?
    The Mfg, or make your own. There are some wire loom mfg in Michigan, but you would have to send them the diagram.

    Why does Peterbilt name its truck 379?

    what does 379 mean with the peterbilt 379?Why does Peterbilt name its truck 379?
    The 379 was Peterbilt's flagship truck from 1987 until the 2007 model year maintaining the nameplate's signature long-nose styling. Available in standard (119" BBC) and long hood (127" BBC) lengths, the 379 is the last conventional over-the-road truck available with an aluminum hood. Replacing the "359" in 1987, it remained in production until March of 2007 with the last 1000 379s called the "Legacy Class 379." The 379 family received interior changes through the 20 year run, like the "Square Dash" from 1987 to 2000, the "First Rounded Dash" from 2001 to 2005, and the current "New Rounded Dash" currently only available in Arctic Gray or Saharan Tan. Peterbilt dropped the long running "American Class" interior in 2005 with the end of the first "Rounded Dash". The main dash color was black, up until the "First Rounded Dash" was available, you could either order it in gray, tan, or black. Currently Peterbilt does not offer the "New Rounded Dash" in black. Peterbilt also made changes to the cab doors in late 2004 when the vent window post was eliminated and the mirrors moved from the door to the cab. (Interestingly the "original cab" from Fageol had no vent windows and thus a retro look was achieved). The passenger door received a much larger peep window. New door release handles and locksets replaced the 1972 units. The 2005 models had a flat door window lower ledge. For 2006 and 2007 the doors received a new window with an angled-towards-the-hood lower ledge allowing for additional visibility, especially to the right. Rear corner windows also became available. The new for 2005 cab mounted mirrors allow for enhanced view and allow the driver to keep his view facing forward without leaning to see the mirror. The rear window of the cab saw changes from the original 36" x 28" window. The Unibilt Daycab window size became standard around 2003.Why does Peterbilt name its truck 379?
    Just a model number/name, no significant reason for it. Anymore than "fairlane" means anything with Ford.Why does Peterbilt name its truck 379?
    its just the model number thats all no other special reason

    Peterbilt 378 Tractor Truck?

    Why does my Peterbilt doesn't goes faster than 45 miles, what could be ?Peterbilt 378 Tractor Truck?
    What year?

    blocked air or fuel filters, low compression, weak fuel pump, bad fuel,bad turbo or exhaust,you need to up shift, someone set the governor limit to 45. .Peterbilt 378 Tractor Truck?
    On an older truck I'd say it was a plugged fuel filter.Newer trucks have just as many sensors and computer systems as cars.You're best bet is take it to a shop.Peterbilt 378 Tractor Truck?
    There may be something wrong with your fuel delivery or your exhaust may be plugged. Check your turbo.

    In model 359m peterbilt what does the m stand for?

    medium duty i believe, call peterbuilt to get your best answers,have a blessed day,wes

    Replacing 95 Peterbilt straddle mounts?

    Im getting ready to replace a set of center straddle mounts on a beam type suspension made by eaton with eaton rears on a 95 Peterbilt tri-axle with a 3406-B engine any advice or tips to make the job go smooth?

    Thanks BrianReplacing 95 Peterbilt straddle mounts?
    on a 95' bring your torch, and a big hammer they get pretty stuck some times,
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  • How much does a new peterbilt cost?

    About 150 grand for a nice one.How much does a new peterbilt cost?
    depends on the model, motor, axles, tranny, interior options, sleeper, fuel tanks, tires, gears, weather you want to add a tag or not, brakes, etc. NEVER BUY A NEW PETERBILT BUY SOMETHING MADE BEFORE 2006. AND NEVER BUY A PETE THAT DON'T HAVE A CAT IN IT.How much does a new peterbilt cost?
    in the 100,000s of thousands prob 100,000 to 250,000 dependingHow much does a new peterbilt cost?
    depends on the options, up to 150,000

    What's better heavy duty truck, MACK OR PETERBILT?

    no matter what year, whick one of these 2 Trucks is better brand?What's better heavy duty truck, MACK OR PETERBILT?
    PETE!!!!!! The Mercedes of trucks!What's better heavy duty truck, MACK OR PETERBILT?
    my personal opinion is that the peterbuilt is a better truck. the newer macks have renault engines and the parts are only available through a mack dealer. the pete is a more common and generic truck where the driveline is concernedWhat's better heavy duty truck, MACK OR PETERBILT?
    My dad has been a truck driver for over 20 years, he's driven a Mack and a Peterbilt.... he says Mack is better though he prefers Peterbilts anyway.

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Peterbilt 351 double long nose ?

    Is this a true this model ever existed and what was the original wheel base and the lenght of the hood ?Peterbilt 351 double long nose ?
    i've only seen one before. its the butterfly type hood that opens from the side. it was being customized so i'm not sure of the wheel base, but it looked great.

    Peterbilt truck frames?

    I have noticed that some Peterbilt trucks among others have long frames with a lot of space between the cab and the trailer. What are the reasons for this? Is there an advantage to having a truck with a longer frame as opposed to a shorter one?Peterbilt truck frames?
    if you are talking about tractors it gives you a longer wheel base better ride is one reason how ever you can get any truck with long wheel bases better stability with a long wheel base vs a shorter onePeterbilt truck frames?
    Long wheelbase gives a better ride, however the reason most trucks (that you describe) are stretched is because the owner thinks it looks cool. If you notice, most of them have 8" open exhaust pipes too. Reason being the owner thinks it sounds cool. Personally, I think both are a waste of money.

    What brand is better for a semi mack,volvo,peterbilt,etc?

    The American manufacturers are way behind Volvo in engineering and features.

    Volvo all the way!What brand is better for a semi mack,volvo,peterbilt,etc?
    VolvoWhat brand is better for a semi mack,volvo,peterbilt,etc?
    Peterbilt is made in Texas :-)What brand is better for a semi mack,volvo,peterbilt,etc?
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  • How long is the peterbilt 379 hood, or the peterbilt 389?

    I don't know for sure....never actually measured it but the long nose Pete that you are talking about would average at least 5 or 6 foot hoods.How long is the peterbilt 379 hood, or the peterbilt 389?
    I checked and they looked the same.The 379 is 127" hood.The 389 comes in at just over 131" making it the longest hood peterbilt has ever made.

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    I have a peterbilt 335 26000 lbs in Virginia do I need a CDL?

    This is a utility truck set with the DMV at 25995 LbsI have a peterbilt 335 26000 lbs in Virginia do I need a CDL?
    Your Pete 335 is licensed below the limit needed for a CDL. You would still need a CDL if the truck has air brakes, or if you haul hazardous materials (HazMat)I have a peterbilt 335 26000 lbs in Virginia do I need a CDL?
    hey jet doc if used for private transport would it not be exempt? like the class A motor homes

    Slow speed on a Peterbilt 378?

    My truck doesn't goes more than 45 miles per hour, what could be the problem ?Slow speed on a Peterbilt 378?
    Either a plugged air or fuel filter. But maybe a bad turbo.

    Peterbilt sleeper shelves?

    I have a 2004 Peterbilt. In the sleeper there are two storage units. One to hang clothes and a shelf @ the bottom, the other side has the same. Does Peterbilt or anyone else make shelves to put in those units. Please let me know. Thanks!Peterbilt sleeper shelves?
    There are multiple companies in the midwest that do things like this. The Amish out there can build just about anything you went in a sleeper...

    Which semi do you like better? Peterbilt or Kenworth?

    Or do you like another make?Which semi do you like better? Peterbilt or Kenworth?
    Used to be separate truck manufacturers, now they are joined as "PACCAR."

    I'd rather have a Peterbilt for long miles on the freeway.

    I'd rather have a Kenworth for hauling cattle off the ranch or as a LOGGING truck, especially (which is how they started out in the Pacific Northwest decades ago).

    For really tough, slow, heavy, off-road work like cement trucks, give me an AutoCar.Which semi do you like better? Peterbilt or Kenworth?
    kenworthWhich semi do you like better? Peterbilt or Kenworth?
    kenworth T600 best truck evermade good on fuel and easy to drive and see out of
    we like internationals

    Kenworths are nice though also
  • campers
  • Speed problem on a Peterbilt 378?

    I have replaced the speed sensors and fuel filter, air filters and almost everything, NO codes comes out and when i conect the computer to the truck show up that the truck is running on 75 MPH and actually the truck is only on 50 MPH

    Any good sugestion ?Speed problem on a Peterbilt 378?
    Sounds like the on board computer that controls engine output and speed may be defective. Do you have the correct codes for the transmission and the rear end? Both of these affect the actual speed. Also, do you need authorization codes from the engine manufacturer to modify the settings? I know this is necessary for some engines.

    Peterbilt trucks?

    I have a 2001 Peterbilt 379. I am having problems with the low air warning buzzer and light not going off. I have changed sensors and power board but with no change. Anyone having the same problem or have an answer to my problem please let me know. I am at wits end.Peterbilt trucks?
    i drive a 2000 pete 379 and have been driving it since new. take the cover off down behind the brake and clutch where the low air switch is. look at the switches and see if you don't see signs of water. like the dust being moved around. pull the low air switch out and get a new one. before you replace it go to advance or autozone and buy a can of liquid tape. cover the switch with this liquid and let it dry and then coat it again. if you can not find liquid tape there go to home depot and look in the elec. section and get some coating compond that work good also just cost more. after you have done this replace the new switch and you will not have this problem again. i have had this truck since it was new and have put 620,000 miles on it and this problem drove me nuts for 3 years. every time i washed the truck or when it rained hard when the truck sat still the low air would come on and not go off. we have three of these truck built one behind the other and all 3 did the same thing till i found this liquid tape. since using this we have not replaced a low air switch since. the water get in side and shorts the switch out. good luckPeterbilt trucks?
    I drove a 2000 Pete and one of the things I did was to increase the amount of max psi up to 125psi and have had no problems with the low air waring buzzer. and it might be a stuck valve in the air dryer, try testing the bleeder on the bottom of the air dryer.Peterbilt trucks?
    maybe you have a air leak,

    Peterbilt with a Cat 15 check engine light flashing while driving. Help!?

    Any help would be appreciated. All I really know is what the summary above says. I heard there is a way to pull the code using the cruise controls, but I'm not sure how to do it. It would also be helpful if I could find where to diagnose the code once I have it. Thanks in advance.Peterbilt with a Cat 15 check engine light flashing while driving. Help!?
    First of all make sure your coolant level is at (or slightly above) full on level ground. This is a common cause of an active fault indicator.

    1. Turn ignition on and let ECM go through pre-check.

    2. Turn on cruise control.

    3. Push SET/RESUME switch to either position and hold. The yellow diagnostic light will begin to flash - you can release the Set/Resume switch after it begins flashing.

    4. Count the flashes. The diagnostic code is a two digit code. There will be one set of flashes for the first digit, a short pause, then another set for the second. If there is more than one active fault code there will be another sequence of flashes, etc.

    5. Check PDF (read only) at link below to find the code/diagnosis.

    My 379 peterbilt shakes when driving at high sppeds?

    re-treads on the drives often do this and all the balancing in the world won't fix it, lead weights don't work, powder don't work, put up with it and don;t drive at the speed it does it at

    Trying to by a Peterbilt Truck?

    my husband has good credit and has his cdl. He has worked at a nuclear plant for years but the layoffs are getting too many and stressing us out. He went to his bank and they told him they dont know if they can lend him the money since these arent used for personal use. He is wanting to contract himself throughout our community (which there is more than enough need). Can you give us some options.Trying to by a Peterbilt Truck?
    You should look at getting a small business loan. If you can present a bank or credit union with a solid business plan including data and potential customers, you may have a good shot at making this happen. Be able to prove that there is a need for your service. Look at other alternatives, too. I'm not sure if you are looking at a dump truck or tractor rig. Maybe buy a smaller truck that could be considered a personal vehicle (1-ton box truck or flatbed for example), build your business, and if it looks like you can make money, by all means branch out and get the heavy duty truck.
  • superchips
  • My peterbilt just shut down and i can not get it started?

    Drain the water out of the fuel separator and try it again. Another test is the glow plug test. Turn the key on and check for the glow light to come on. If it comes on, then check for the time it takes to go off. It should be about 1 minute. If it does not come on you probably have a glow plug issue, possibly the timer.

    My 5 year old grandson is crazy about Peterbilt trucks. His Pawpaw drives and I am looking for toys, etc.?

    I would love to find ornaments, clothing, things to decorate his room with. He is a 5 year old going on 45 and is going to be a Peterbilt Truck Driver when he gets grown. He would just be tickled to death if I can find him some Peterbilt things for Christmas.My 5 year old grandson is crazy about Peterbilt trucks. His Pawpaw drives and I am looking for toys, etc.?
    ebay! They have a bunch on there!!

    type in peterbuilt truck...a bunch comes up..My 5 year old grandson is crazy about Peterbilt trucks. His Pawpaw drives and I am looking for toys, etc.?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    These two links may help. Just use the Yahoo search and put in Peterbilt toys or Peterbilt clothes.

    About how much soes a Peterbilt 387 cost?

    112,000.00 usAbout how much soes a Peterbilt 387 cost?
    50 to 65 grand depending on how it's equipped. That's new of course, a bit less for used ones.

    1997 peterbilt 379 issues?

    I have a 1997 peterbilt semi with the detriot engine. When I drive down the road the coolant and engine light comes on truck will bogg down like trying to stall and than it picks back up and keeps going. Have already replaced ECM and checked wiring harnesses? Any suggestions what could be causing this?1997 peterbilt 379 issues?
    if the lights are on its throwing a code that's the easiest place to start hook it up to a computer1997 peterbilt 379 issues?
    Bleed the system.

    Engine idle only emodel cat in peterbilt truck?

    later model e engine in 1988 tractor have engine harness and dash to firewall harnessEngine idle only emodel cat in peterbilt truck?
    Check the electrical connection at the accelerator pedal position sensor. If the connection is good, replace the sensor%26gt;Engine idle only emodel cat in peterbilt truck?
    Tell me more about whats goin on? From what u say it sounds like the engine ecm is not getting a signal from the throttle pedal but I need a little more info.
  • yamaha outboards
  • My 379 1999' peterbilt truck motor makes a knocking noise but when i disconnect the injector it stops knocking?

    500 cummins redtop motorMy 379 1999' peterbilt truck motor makes a knocking noise but when i disconnect the injector it stops knocking?
    Replace the injector or if you want to prove its bad you can swap that injector with one of the others. If the knock follows the injector you know its the injector. The first 2 guys are right a bad injector can cause a knock.My 379 1999' peterbilt truck motor makes a knocking noise but when i disconnect the injector it stops knocking?
    sounds to me like the injector is bad, running too lean, or too rich, you need to replace the injectorMy 379 1999' peterbilt truck motor makes a knocking noise but when i disconnect the injector it stops knocking?
    When an injector tip blows it sounds just like a rod knocking.

    Peterbilt what can of truck is this?

    And what do you the person drving it.

    a. truck driver

    b truck person

    c. who carePeterbilt what can of truck is this?
    Its part of a combination vehicle, 18 wheeler, Peterbilt is the tractor.....and you have a truck driver...........Peterbilt what can of truck is this?
    Lol ....Do you read your question before you post it? Do you mean what KIND of truck this is. Peterbilt is brand of a semiPeterbilt what can of truck is this?
    Peterbilt is the maker of the truck. Just like how cars have makers like Ford or Chevorlert. Peterbilt has been in buisness since 1939, originating out of Texas. And the person you see driving the Peterbilt is called a truck driver.

    Peterbilt Ignition Wiring?

    Have a 03 Peterbilt 379 with no power leading into the ignition wiring. Does anyone know where this power lead is distributed from or to? The fuse panel lead is hot. I need to track it as quick as possible.Peterbilt Ignition Wiring?
    The circuit number is 388 (stamped on the wiring)

    There is a junction just behind the MV3 valve in the dash. I have seen the studs in these rot out a bunch check it there.

    Also, there is another circuit in Peterbilt's main harness (388x-1) it should be abandoned next to the rest of the wiring. You could use this circuit. It was for a A2 option package... if it is there, simply replace it... it will work fine. However, if you do, also make sure you pull the lead from the 388 out of the fuse panel in case there is a short in that harness. Don't want any fires! Good Luck!Peterbilt Ignition Wiring?
    No sorry I don't know but I suggest that you disconnect your battery soonest if fuse panel lead is getting hot.Peterbilt Ignition Wiring?
    By hot I believe you mean it has voltage to it.

    If you mean hot by temperature then yes by all means disconnect the battery.

    If hot with voltage you need to test the B+ terminal on your ignition switch. If that is also hot you need to get a shop wiring schematic so as you do not do more damage than good.

    Today's systems include an lot of electronic controls that can be damaged by something as simple as a test light.

    If you are not a mechanic, take it to one. It may save you hundreds or even thousands in the long haul if you damage the computer.


    Does anyone know the name of the "peterbilt" truck font?

    hood , front clip, grill

    Whats better Peterbilt 387 or Volvo 780?

    I am trying to buy a semi truck and i am debating between the Peterbilt 387 and the Volvo 780.

    Which is a better truck and what would most professionals want to drive. Another Question is should i go with an Ultrashift or 13 speed?Whats better Peterbilt 387 or Volvo 780?
    I long hauled for 3 years and i have driven both....i would have to choose the peterbuilt...and definitely 13 speed....ultrashift is okay for the newbies but give me 13 gears any day...
  • wheels and tires
  • 1996 Peterbilt Dump Truck Air Brakes?

    I have a 1996 Peterbilt Dump Truck that has air brakes, I was wondering if I need to manually adjust the brakes, and if so how often?1996 Peterbilt Dump Truck Air Brakes?
    Yes you do, how often depends on how much you use them and how much of a load you haul. they should be checked every day if this is a daily work truck, also even if it has self adjusting slack adjusters you still need to manually check them

    2004 Peterbilt , 2 fuel tanks full but only one empties.?

    I am assuming that this truck will have a crossover valve between the tanks which has quit working. Any other ideas before I try to find it?2004 Peterbilt , 2 fuel tanks full but only one empties.?
    It is called the splitter valve it ensures equal fuel distributions and fuel return to both tanks, and yes it is bad.2004 Peterbilt , 2 fuel tanks full but only one empties.?
    Our Oshkosh trucks have a manual valve to seperate the two tanks. Yours probably electronic but it wouldn't hurt to check for a manual valve. We only use it for maintenance purposes but its normally open.

    I should add though that only one tank feeds the engine while the other tank crossfeeds via gravity through the manual valve line.2004 Peterbilt , 2 fuel tanks full but only one empties.?
    sure it dosent have a auto switch, as in one tank goes empty it switches to the other,
    yes it would or it has a switch u have to turn on to use the second tank.

    Greasing diagram for Peterbilt 1998?

    Does anyone know where to get a diagram showing all the points that need to be greased on a 1998 Peterbilt? I dont know all the details about the truck, but my boyfriend has started driving the pete recently and isnt sure of all the grease points.Greasing diagram for Peterbilt 1998?
    there is not a diagram that i have...but here goes!

    top and bottom of king pins on front axle=4

    steering cross tube and draglink=4

    steering shaft from gearbox to firewall=2

    front suspension spring pins=6 minimum

    u-joints on driveline=3 minimum(2 axle)-5 maximum(3 axle)

    front axle slack adjusters and s-cam tubes=4

    rear axle slack adjusters and s-cam tubes=4 per axle

    hood pivot hinges=2

    loose grease the fifth wheel slider and top plate

    those are the ones i can come up with, hope it helps.

    Which company delivers peterbilt trucks from factory to dealer?

    excuse the spelling of there name but its kenosha transport company. they fly there drivers out to where trucks need to be moved from one dealer / manufacturer to another. the drivers have the trucks decked (stacked in a line ) and drive them from one place to another. they had an office in texas near the pete plant. sorry i cant help you more.Which company delivers peterbilt trucks from factory to dealer?
    This is something I doubt anyone on here will know. And I don't have a clue where to begin looking that information up on the internet. I'm really sorry. Good luck!

    How big is the peterbilt 379 Gas Tank?

    for homeworkHow big is the peterbilt 379 Gas Tank?
    it all depends on the configuration of the truck. a 379 with a dump body as a straight truck might have a 100 gallon tank or two 50 gallon tanks, a road tractor might have a 100, 150 or two 150 gallon tanksHow big is the peterbilt 379 Gas Tank?
    all depends on how the truck was ordered buy the customer,or spec ed as its called one customer might order 100 gallon tanks to cut down on weight for short hall trucks and long haul might order 150 gallon tanks it varies.

    and to be technical they are not gas tanks they are fuel tanks
  • trade in value
  • Which truck is superior? Kenworth or Peterbilt?

    Which make of truck is better quality? KW or Peterbilt.

    They look like the same truck styling wise--but which is the better truck and why?Which truck is superior? Kenworth or Peterbilt?
    They are both made by the same company, Paccar.

    Supposedly Petes are slightly better, but it is really a matter of preference. They are both high quality and they both get the job done. I have owned both, and I much prefer KW's over Petes, but I have friends that wouldn't own anything but a Peterbilt.

    It's kind of like asking which is better, Ford or Chevy? It depends on who you ask as to which answer you will get.

    The main difference is in the interior. The dash is different, as well as the sleeper. It just depends on what you like.
    MACKWhich truck is superior? Kenworth or Peterbilt?
    peterbilt they are just better
    I would say Peterbilt.Which truck is superior? Kenworth or Peterbilt?
    i would say peterbuilt

    Peterbilt Tachometer Question?

    I recently replaced the tachometer on my 1996 Peterbilt 378. I followed the directions to calibrate it, meaning which of the switches on the back of the tachometer to put to on and which ones to put to off. The tachometer works, but the needle starts on 7 or 8, not zero. Is this normal? Or should I take a look at the sensor? Detroit Diesel series 60 engine.Peterbilt Tachometer Question?
    should be able to zero, look for adjustment and or check ground connection.

    How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?

    You would have to check with your states Department of Motor Vehicles. It varies by state.How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?
    In what state/province/country?

    How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?

    Purchasing from an independent personHow much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?
    $175,000.000.How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?
    see possible answers on your first time of answering questions!How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?
    It depends on the price you had paid for the '90 peterbilt. I'm not sure what state your in or city. For example, Denver, tax rate is like 7.5% so if i got a car at 1,800 my tax will be 135, then title/licence fee is 35 here. I may not have exact figures...but hopefully u get the idea. Best is to call ur local DMV office and ask for an estimate or what the fees may be.

    Why does the ac not blow hard on my 359 peterbilt?

    Where does it take the air in when it is on recirculate?Why does the ac not blow hard on my 359 peterbilt?
    The vent should be behind the right air cleaner.
  • muffler
  • Can I connect an XM radio phono jack directly into a 2009 Peterbilt radio / CD combo without...?

    ...using the FM transmitter?
    Radio has CD instead of tape player, so I can't use a tape adapter. I don't like the FM transmitter that uses an FM station to transmit the signal because it gets interference from other FM stations. Would like to plug directly into the vehicle speakers through the stereo system.Can I connect an XM radio phono jack directly into a 2009 Peterbilt radio / CD combo without...?
    Most newer cars/CD players have this, an auxiliary port that's essentially a headphone jack. You can get a cheap cable ($10-$20) that lets you connect the headphone port of the XM radio to the CD player, and then you just set it to "aux(iliary)" mode and there it goes.

    How much are Peterbilt semi's brand new?

    With a sleeper....How much are Peterbilt semi's brand new?
    What's a semi?

    Those who drive Petes or any big-truck never use the word "semi."

    I believe you are referring to a Peterbilt tractor (used to pull a trailer, hence tractor-trailer). They are built in two main configurations: Hood and cab-over.

    Try these to get an idea of pricing:鈥?/a> much are Peterbilt semi's brand new?
    150,000.00How much are Peterbilt semi's brand new?
    Depends what options you want.

    Anywhere from 120.000 to 250.000
    Depends on what you want in it. Also where you buy it. Probably from 90,000 to 250,000.

    How to customize ordinary to american class peterbilt truck?

    Depends on what your going for. classic look or mean and clean? Just do what you want and not what people thinks is cool and it doesn't matter what you do to it. But as said before straight pipes , big bumper , long wheelbase , dropped visor is a good place to start.How to customize ordinary to american class peterbilt truck?
    big staight pipe stacks ppolished aluminum rims nice paint job good interior maybe sound system

    Does a peterbilt model 387 have a top bunk?

    Yes, it sure does. Check out this site. It'll tell ya a little more about it.鈥?/a>

    Hope that gave you any of the info you needed.

    Hotwheels Peterbilt Cement Truck?

    I recently purchased a Peterbilt Cement truck with a Malaysian base from 1980. Ive looked everywhere and i cant find one like it. Can someone please tell me what its worth?Hotwheels Peterbilt Cement Truck?
    well i like hot wheels too. but that one is hard at wal*mart their $1 ok look in the back of the stakes it helps but not so much you can order it online to but remenber $1 at wal*martHotwheels Peterbilt Cement Truck?
    wat about them
  • campers
  • 379 peterbilt have 2-12v outlets in bunk blew fuse cant find it?

    let me see what;s on Tv .

    What size wiper blades does a peterbilt 386 use?

    Stop by your local dealer and i am sure thye can help you out.

    Broke key off in door of 99 peterbilt only key how do you hot wire to start?

    i found this...good luck鈥?/a>Broke key off in door of 99 peterbilt only key how do you hot wire to start?
    Well your should go to the nearest peterbilt dealer or shop and see if they can get you a CAT key (if it's got a cat in it) then you should find a good lock smith and have him retrive the key and make you a few coppies.

    Where can i find peterbilt radiator diagram?

    i need diagram to reassemble whole radiator system for a 98 378Where can i find peterbilt radiator diagram?
    Try鈥?they have what you looking Good Luck

    How big is the standart fuel tank for Peterbilt 2000 ?? And how many miles approximately can you drive?thanks?

    150 gallons. And only about 6-8 gallons per mile. Prety bad huh. I asked my boyfriend and he is a dump truck driver. I was shocked that the little square take of these held 150 gallons WOW, but then when I asked about mileage I almost fell over!How big is the standart fuel tank for Peterbilt 2000 ?? And how many miles approximately can you drive?thanks?
    It depends on what size you order with the truck the standard I think is 100 gal.--or you can put bigger or smaller after markets on-My buddy had 2-- 250 gal. tanks made up-he hauled foam rubber to the west coast from toronto and fuel up in the state that had the ceapest fuel he has a p-built and gets 8 1/2 to 9 mpg running a 425 cat 13 spd. double over 3:80 rears... "O"
  • p411
  • Hey i drive a 2000 peterbilt i with a 500 detroit in it. Is there any tricks to uprade performance???

    I have heard that with cats there is ways to fool the cumputer with resistors and so on i would like to know any way to get this gutless thing hopped up a little! thanksHey i drive a 2000 peterbilt i with a 500 detroit in it. Is there any tricks to uprade performance???
    you need to find you a diesel doctor. someone that has the computer system that can get into your systems program and change the perameters of the factory settings with out leaving footprints. that will boost your top end or lower end depending on what you want. i know there is one that hangs out in illinois around I-57 near effingham that has the computer systems to do this type of adjustment.Hey i drive a 2000 peterbilt i with a 500 detroit in it. Is there any tricks to uprade performance???
    My first thought was that you should replace it with a CAT! There is a place that specializes in upgrading heavy truck engines. They have a web site at i drive a 2000 peterbilt i with a 500 detroit in it. Is there any tricks to uprade performance???

    That should do the trick!
    first, do you know the code for the comp, if so take it to the shop, i had mine turned up and it gets better millage now too. second , their is a blue hose comming from the turbo to the waist gate, or rear of thr ex side of turbo, you can clamp that hose off, or take one end loose and plug to off to stop pressure from opening the waistgate. third if you get through Effingham Ill, there is a guy arround the truck stop on the raido that will turn it up, and you dont need the code. good luck.

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Misfire in a 95 peterbilt with cat engine?

    we have changed all fuel injectors numerous of times, new high pressure fuel pump, and many other items. we would appreciate any input or suggestions on where to look next thank-you|||If it is a 3406c or d cat have the rack done on it. It sounds like a valve problem. If is not that have Cat check the pump timing and computer.|||bad valve is all i can think of, since these engines don't have spark plugs

    How to get Good Air Conditioning in a 1999 Peterbilt log truck.

    The Cold air cans have been replaced it gets down to only 62F i would like to get it down to at least 49F please help with tips |||You need to find the leaks first and repair them since you are adding freon to the system.....

    You will also need to check that there are no outside air leaks coming into the cab, like from the weatherstripping....

    Also getting it to blow 49 degrees might be possible but only while driving down the road but it wont happen at idle........

    Put a set of guages on the system and see what the low and high side reading are and start from there......

    In the model of a peterbilt 359st what does the st stand for?

    pretty sure it means standard transmission|||call peterbuilt inc. they have a toll free #

    Kenworth, Peterbilt, or Freightliner? What is better?

    I want a truck that is good for off and on hiways. Must be comfortable too. And looks is a must. Any suggestions on any after market gear, color and options to get?|||Check out J.D. Power adn Assc. they award auto companies with best awards. I provided a link for you. Good luck.|||Depends on what you are using it for and what you preference is for an engine, I have 3 Western stars 4900SA, double framed and Tri Drives, 80,000 lbs winches on the rears, we do a lot of oilpatch work and probably driven as much off road as on. I like the western star it has a large cab and if you have room the stratosphere sleeper is huge.

    Can someone tell me the history of Peterbilt semi's?

    Well... First there was this really big bang and all the matter of the universe started to spread out and cool off...

    Oh.. too far back? Sorry... Couldn't resist..|||You can probably get all the information that you want from On the title page, click on Our Company tab and then on the History tab. Not only is there a lot of information about how peterbilt started by also photos of the early peterbilt trucks. Enjoy.

    1996 Peterbilt is hard to turn?

    I have a 1996 Peterbilt dump truck. When I try to make a tight turn, the wheel is very hard to turn and it also makes a 'clank clank' sound. How can I fix this?|||Either a steering linkage is bent or tie rod needs to be replaced.|||Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait just one minute...

    "Strawberryruhbarbpie" has a dump truck!?

    No friggin way! That's the cutest thing I ever heard!|||need new power staring|||I'd start off with making sure the front end is well greased.

    A peterbilt, a western star, a mack, international something help?

    Ok so I want to paint a truck in one of my paintings I am not like a professional painter or anything like that so I am gonna have lots a trouble trying to create the metal effects with the acrylic paints that I am going to use, I tried googling it and stuff but I couldn't find any tutorials on "how to create metal effects with acrylic paint" please someone help I really want to make this painting.|||Craft paint is a good starting point. Find youself a good text or two on painting technique and a good teacher/mentor, and practice, practice, practice!

    Good luck to you!|||Buy craft paint! It is acrylic %26amp; has many metallic colors to choose from. (I am talking about the kind you can buy at a craft store, comes in a bottle, not a tube .) If you have to go with extremely realistic chrome-looking, I would recommend silver-leaf, which should come with instructions. Hope this helps!

    What kind engine a 2007 peterbilt 379 has?

    v6 or 4 cylinders

    how many miles they make for a gallon of diesel ? JUST THE TRUCK ,WITH NO TRAILLER|||One popular engine in a Peterbilt is the Caterpillar C-15.

    It is an in line 6 cylinder, 15 liter (a Mustang V-8 is 5 liter) Diesel, that develops 400 - 600 horsepower.

    For mileage I'd guess about 4.5 to 5.5 MPG. It depends on the options in the truck and the driver.

    Where can i buy a 2007 or 2008 peterbilt 379 super dump truck?

    Here it is鈥?/a>

    Good Luck!|||try

    I have a 1997 Peterbilt 379X with a problem.?

    I was hauling a 95 thousand pound trash compactor to Vegas and all of a sudden thick dark brown smoke started belting out of the stacks and it stalled. Now it starts, the smoke comes out and 5 seconds later it stalls again.|||i need more info....trucks are my gig. if its dark, maybe black smoke....check your air system, maybe a clogged air filter or the turbo went on permanent vacation. also check the piping in the charge air system, the charge air cooler and the fan hub operation ( did it ever overheat?) check for restriction also, like i said a clogged air filter or collapsed line..basically check for the engine to be choking itself out. if its white smoke, check the fuel system, broken injector oring, possible failed injector.. depending on the engine, i would first scan the ECM for codes. just because the check engine lights isnt on doesnt mean a code isnt logged. if you need more, email me at|||check the fuel filters?|||It sounds like you are dumping WAY too much diesel into the engine. You may have lost an injector nozzle.

    I am lookin for an estimated value on a 2007 Peterbilt 378with a CAT C13 470 horsepower with an 811 trans?

    Okay it took some time but this is the range that I came up, between $84,000.00 to $89,000.00 depending on the mileage and maintenance records, hope that it helps.

    I have a peterbilt with an eaten fuller 13 speed and the high low splitter wont work in low. works sometimes.?

    help peterbilt trans problem. high low not working|||you need to get a new peter built.

    Engine idle only emodel cat engine in peterbilt truck?

    Any chech engine lights? Could be a throttle position sensor, problem inside the ECM, it is hrd to tell with out a code if there is one.|||what

    What is better western star or peterbilt?

    MOST HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS USE THE SAME BRANDS OF ENGINES, AND TRANSMISSION (UNLIKE AUTO MAKERS THEY HAVE THEIR OWN) AND LOT OF OTHER PARTS (DETRIOT, CUMMMINGS ENGINES AND TRANSMISSION),, (BENDIX PARTS) THE ONLY THING DIFFERENT IS THE TRUCK MANUFACTURE MODIFICATIONS, ALSO COMPARE INSURANCE COST,,, DUE TO TRUCK BRANDS|||Depends on what your hauling. Peterbuilt's have a low rider configuration that appealing to the eye, but Western Star is "overall" a more reliable truck company. Western Star rigs don't look as good as PB's but they'll be easier to work on and in the long haul cost you less $$$ denaro to repair. Get the Western Star. What about getting a MACK, too expensive right?

    Which would be more costly, getting a sex change operation or getting a Peterbilt?


    Merry Christmas!|||thank you,

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    |||the change!

    no maintance, fuel oil..etc..|||What if the Peterbilt does the sex change...

    I mean if they lived and all after.|||The S.C.O. !!|||I take the Peterbilt

    How do you change a orfice on a 97 peterbilt?

    I'd say the same way you change one on a 96 peterbuilt. What orifice are you talking aabout?

    Which truck is better Peterbilt 379 ext. hood or the new long hooded Volvo?

    I drive a Pete.|||Pete

    myself and a bunch of others had MANY electrical problems with volvos|||Pete no contest|||why dont you try driving a kenworth .|||volvo hands down|||1988 ford LTL 9000 kentucky|||I like the large open windshield of the Volvo.

    Where can I find videos of truck racing (Kenworth, Peterbilt, etc)?

    Basically I would like to obtain a video of the pit crew changing tires or something similar to an 18 wheeler|||This is all I found at the motorsports experts, duke video:鈥?/a>|||

    Where can I find split window tint for my peterbilt 379?

    Speedy auto glass can tint your window.

    Or you can call around to truck recycle yards to see if they have any in stock.

    10-4 over and out|||I would figure at an auto shop.

    Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 2000 peterbilt 379?

    imsorry if im wrong i havent driven one for a while but i think its by the clutch to thwe left behind the panel if your in the drivers seat your left foot will hit the panel when you extend your leg on the left side of the clutch

    Does the Peterbilt are good Trucks ?

    Anybody can tell me something about the Peterbilt and a litte about Detroit Engines ?|||peterbilt is a good truck with the detroit in it lower cost of mantance and lower fuel cost compared to a cat engine

    PETERBILT are you doing any hiring and if so were can i get a application?

    need a job can you help|||why don't you try there website or call their HR for an application and to see if they are hiring

    why not look at the competition- Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, Mac, etc

    On our Peterbilt chassis fire truck there is a toggle switch whitch says Load LP. What is that used for?

    Am guessing "load lamp"? If there is some area where you would load things, like way in back, etc, maybe there are flood lights? I'd fire it up, turn the switch on and do a walk around. Or if you can get it someplace dark and flip it on and off and have someone help look around it for a light to go on and off. Especially if there are only a few wires going to it, if there are more than 2 or 3 wires going to it i am probably wrong.

    If you can't figure it out, let me know off-list and I will contact my brother (fire truck mechanic at a fire dept, he's pretty smart)|||On an over the road truck, ie. tractor-trailer, the load LP switch is connected to the hook up lights on the back of the cab.

    Any problems with a peterbilt?

    Has anyone had any problems with their Peterbilt, specifically a newer 387? Lots of breakdowns, unusual parts, or missing parts etc?

    I'd love to know about it. We've had so many problems we're giving the truck back and was wondering if it was an isolated case, and if not, whaat can we do about it?|||My family owns a trucking company they have used all Peterbilts for over 20 years,I believe,...many of the Peterbilts on the lot are that old. However, Volvo has surpassed Peterbilt in durability and affordibility. The newer Peterbilts are simply not what they once were.|||take it to a dealer give it a check up|||The best Peterbilts are the older ones. The company has had too much drive to "modernize" and do things faster and cheaper. As a result the product has gotten crappier. If you need a truck and want a Peterbilt, get one that is at LEAST 10 years old. Parts are readily available and they are FAR more reliable than the newer versions.

    The newer Peterbilts are about look and comfort rather than reliability.|||I had my Peterbuilt along time ago and it's still working quite well for it's age. It would be very painfull for my to get a new Peterbuilt because of all the good times I have had with my original. If I did get a new Peterbuilt I'd get a longer one but I think I keep the one I've got now.

    How do i setup the topspeed on a 06 peterbilt with cat eng?

    You will need a laptop computer with the proper software and the proper data link other can't%26gt;|||take it to a pete dealer and bribe him|||Wire the GOVERNOR.......

    -Blazing Saddles|||tech service needs authorized service from a dealer or a REAL mechanic at a big rig service shop

    What is the width and height of a peterbilt 387?

    from the front to the back, side to the side|||鈥?/a>|||I only know the height of a high rise sleeper and that is 13' 5"|||go to the web site and see the specs retard

    Installed later model cat e model engine in 88 model peterbilt tractor?

    engine starts idle only throtte position checks good ecm good have no check engine light to code with what wire number on dash to firewall harness is the check engine light what sensors do i need on engine to make engine rev up|||what is your engine serial number? Its usually on the valve cover base or on the oil cooler. If you cannot get me this information then do you have any idea what year the truck that the engine came out of? I need this in order to know what ecm is on the engine. Look at my profile for email address and maybe i can help you.

    Will a peterbilt 379 short hood interchange with a peterbilt 378 short fiberglass hood?

    can you take a aluminum short pete 379 hood and put it on a pete 378 with the fiberglass hood|||I think the 378 hood is wider and shorter than the short 379.May not line up with the cab cowling.Im just guessing.

    Peterbilt 348 cab wiring diagram?

    I need a schematic for a 348 %26amp; 358, thanks.|||google (peterbilt+348+cab+wiring+diagram)

    Why do air suspension over in flate in a peterbilt rear suspension?

    The leveler valve needs adjusting if its under normal conditions. If it is doing it when you pull out from under a trailer give it time to bleed off pressure.

    What type of truck is better freightliner or international or peterbilt?

    Peterbilt and Kenworth (same company)|||I drive all 3 at various times, and they all have there good points.

    A truck is built for pulling, out of the 3, I think kenworth have more horsepower available in there standard models compared to the other 2, but you can order as big a motor as you need.

    I have seen all 3 pulling 3 trailer road trains, and they all do it well.

    I prefer to drive international because I have been driving them for over 30 years, Kenworth are good, as is freightliner, but Kenworth has more features in the cab.

    I am currently driving a brand new Mack, hard pulling and reasonably comfortable, but European trucks have more driver comfort.

    Lets face it, if you want pretty and speed, get it in your car, if you want pulling power, any make of truck will give it, you order what you need, there is no best truck, they all serve a purpose!

    How much does a Peterbilt 387 cost?

    the one i found thats brand new with only 1,200 miles was $125,000, that should give a rough idea, and 1,000 miles on a big rig ain't nothin at all鈥?/a>

    How do i set up the fuel pressure on my cat-c15 the computer is already set up 06 Peterbilt jt?

    The C15 is a Electronic controlled motor. The programing in the ECU (engine control unit) monitors multiple engine sensors including air temp and fuel temp. Unlike earlier 3406 engines with a mechanical injection pump the C-15 uses an EPU (electronic pump unit) which is an injector with an electrical seleniod which controls the duration of fuel delivery to the injector.

    To be able to increase the horse power of the engine, depending on what level it started it life it can simply be reprogramed at a deal. if it started at the low end of the horse power range you might have to change the injectors and turbo to get it to the HP range that you want.

    there are multiple variations of the motor ranging from 435 to 600 HP. What type of truck is it in? whats the purpose of the truck? what is the desired mpg?

    here is a link from CAT giving a brief over view of the C-15 family.鈥?/a>

    i hope this helps

    Chris|||did you try looking into industrial injectors or bigger injectors period. remember though you need to increase air flow when increasing fuel pressure. i haven't worked on any newer trucks yet but with the older ones with mechanical pumps you can take it apart and the main fuel port can be sized up to increase fuel flow and the older cats 425, also give the small shaft 1/4 turn for a pressure increase. Other than that i would try to find an old school cat mechanic my friend who is currently in iraq right now had a 99 kw with 3.5 million miles his 550 was pushing 780 hp to the rear wheels and getting 6.6 mpg with 90,000+. I wish i could get ahold of the guy who built his motor like that but i dunno where he is at any more so there is alot you can do even with the computered trucks you just gotta find the right person. Good luck and thanks for ridin the right kind!!!!!

    Where can I get a Peterbilt 359 shop manual? 1987?

    The Peterbilt store only has them going back to 1988.|||what engine the truck has: cummins?,Cat?

    and the tranny.?

    i have some of them.let me know.

    but I have them separated,cummins, caterpilar.etc.

    and tranny wagner .spicers,etc.|||EBAY? Local public library?

    You will find one somewhere. Good luck.|||Belive it or not I saw one on eBay last week!|||Go on their website get a phone number and talk to someone from customer service. He or she'll hook you up with a person to fill your needs.|||Yeah try ebay. I found shop manuals for my 63 Buick.

    How much does it cost to get a new Peterbilt?

    Of the two possibilities here I think the new truck would be cheaper.|||If you're willing to trust one of those offshore pharmacies, you can get "Viagra" for about two bucks a pill.|||260 thousand PLUS

    I want to purchase a custom toy replica of my husband's Peterbilt truck?

    I want to find a supplier that does this based on an individual's specifications|||Try this site i bought a few from here and they do custom work

    this link are for radio controlled trucks nice ones not the kiddie ones, although not peterbilt on this link tjey do make them鈥?/a>|||Log on to custom built model cars and trucks you'll find what you're looking for. Take care.|||Some nights when having trouble sleeping I listen to a Trucking Radio Show on 700 WLW radio. Last weekend a trucker called in and talked about his sideline buisness. He built metal model trucks to the requester specs. Special paint jobs and all. Maybe they could direct you to this person.

    America's Truckin' Network:

    (888) 860-8785

    Does anyone know where I can buy a new bright peterbilt 387 remote control truck?

    Go to a toy store.

    What is the best Semi-Truck company? Western Star, Peterbilt, Freight liner, Volvo, Mack, Kenworth?

    I am just wondering.|||Peterbilt...|||I am not a trucker but, I really like the looks of the International Lone Star.

    Where do I find the serial and model number on a Cat engine that is on a 1988 Peterbilt tractor ?

    look the block over good depending on which engine as to where the plates are . if the plates are gone you should be able to find the stamped ones . of course you could call the cat shop tell them which engine or a good decryption and they can tell you where it is . they do not like to sell parts with out a serial number .

    Why would my air pressure lite, oil lite and blower motor work with the key off on my 1995 peterbilt?

    it could be any of the other answers or somebody could have just hard wired those things into the battery or wired it n before the fuse panel|||because you have a live short in the electrical of your relays is stuck open,or it could be the ignition switch is bad and this will also drain your batteries....|||It's either the ignition switch is faulty or a relay is defective. Turn off your night switches until the problem is located.


    On a 1991 Peterbilt Truck, where can I locate the engine serial number?

    I been looking for the serial number plate on the engine, but can not find it!!! The VIN # is 1XP5DB9XXMD303208, I need to find it to take pics. Please help.

    THKS|||Usually engine numbers are die stamped someplace on the block, you might need some kerosene to wipe off grease so that it can be seen !|||Thanx for the VIN but that doesnt help, what engine, Cat, Detroit, Cummings, Volvo

    Peterbilt 379 why would you have to flip the fan on to make jake brake , tachometer and volt gagework?

    jake brake,tachometer,volt gage, and speedometer will not work, but if you flip the fan on they will work...its a 1996 379 peterbilt ...|||Sounds like a short to me, Billy. The fan circuit must close the shorted circuit for the non working gauges and jakebrake. Just a guess on my part but I am so used to dealing with shorted out electrical systems. Good luck, Susan Shea

    Need help on a 1998 peterbilt 3406c Caterpillar engine that is surging.?

    Everyone keeps saying that it's the fuel injection pump, but I've had it overhauled 3 times already. I think that if the problem was there, it would have been corrected by now. I've replaced the motor mounts, cab bushings, cab shocks, could it be something binding, could an axle be bent, any help would be appreciated. This pump is a manual pump.|||Could be dirty injectors. Clogged fuel filter. Clogged air filter. Or a dozen other things.|||The problem is in your fuel system. Does it surge at idle or going down the road?

    I want to buy a semi truck what should i buy? i like peterbilt?

    379 pete or a W900 kenworth.|||nothin beats a pete|||Peterbuilt do not make semi's they build bodies,you decide what engine trans and diffs you want.If it's your first truck buy a Kenworth|||DEF. go with the pete

    Sunday, January 1, 2012

    I am needing suggestions for a Semi Truck Name- It is A Black Peterbilt Semi fully Chrome Kit.?

    This looks similar to Optimus Prime in Black.|||Black Betty|||idk

    What movie has a Peterbilt or Kenworth pictured on the front?!?

    For the past year my boyfriend has been searching video stores for this movie cover he saw one time. He told me it had a Peterbilt or Kenworth on the front, but he has no idea what the movie is about....or what the title is. Finally I tried searching online and I can't seem to find anything like this. I think that maybe he dreamt it up one night....please help, I'd like to get it (if it really exists) for our three year anniversary!!!! :o) Thanks!!!|||Maximum Overdrive

    Where do I find a floor template for a peterbilt?

    needing a template so that I can put a hardwood floor in|||Try four states truck parts in joplin missouri. They do all that stuff for trick my truck.

    How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?

    see possible answers on your first time of answering questions!

    What is the difference in a 379 and 389 Peterbilt?

    The 379 Peterbilt was last made in 2007 and was replaced by the 389 thereafter. Among many design changes were a longer hood ( the longest hood offered to date), and wrap around style headlights. The first 389's went into production in late 2006 as "2008" models and officially replaced the 379's in March of 2007. The "Transformers" movie featured the character "Optimus Prime" and portrayed that character as a 379 Peterbilt.|||basically the overall design

    1996 Peterbilt 378 i already check all the fuses, diesel filters,hose, and the truck doesn't start.?

    i have checked several components and it doesn't start|||Sounds like a starter short. Maybe check the 12v cables that run from the battery to the starter, make sure they are all clean, and there are no tears.

    If nothing, check your Alternator (should be replaced after 1,000,000 KM)

    Otherwise, I think you're going to need someone to replace the starter.|||Your no start condition could be any of a number of things. First, I will assume it is cranking but not starting. If you are seeing any kind of white smoke while it cranks, you are getting fuel to the cylinders. So air in the system or low fuel should not be the problem. If you are cranking and getting NO SMOKE and NO START, you probably are not getting fuel. Check your fuel filters for clogs or gel.

    Other things to check: 1.Check your battery connections for corrosion. Also check each battery's voltage. You should have two batteries. If even one of them is low or has a bad cell, it can cause a failure to start. This is because glow plugs (thos things that heat the cylinders so the fuel can burn) us ALOT of voltage. If they don't get the full voltage, she probably wont start. If the battteries are good, you may have a bad glow plug relay or bad glow plugs.

    Finally, if all this fails find a OBDII scanner and check for codes. Perhaps you'll find your answer there.|||Have you got air in the fuel system? Did your fuel gel when it was cold? Did you check the air filter?

    Is peterbilt a good quality truck?

    Im thinking of buying a 2011 peterbilt 330.

    Any one know if (A) peterbilt's are of good quality, and (B) if i should consider something else.|||The Pete 330 is a good quality class 6 truck, but International, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, Mack and Sterling also make good quality class 6 trucks. Each can be custom ordered with specific engines, transmissions, brakes, interiors, etc., to make the truck as plain or luxurious as you want (and can afford).

    It's pretty much the same choice as between Chevy, Ford or Dodge pickups. They all make good trucks that will get the job done and it's mostly a matter of personal preference.|||Peterbilts are top of the line|||the best|||anything built and named after peter is kind of like smuckers jellies and jams it would have to be good.

    Do freightliner and Peterbilt come with automatic transmission with the full size heavy haul trucks?

    all depend on what You planing to haul.

    there is Allison automatic transmission.

    Rockwell automatic transmission.

    but, they are fantastic for tractor trailer deliveries in city.

    but for LONG HEAVY HAULING, FORGET IT|||Allison makes an automatic transmission for large heavy haul vehicles.|||Yes they do.|||Yes and they are nice. Take a look here. You will find autoshifts in both makes. Save your knee's...autoshift...鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    I have a 2009 389 peterbilt loosing coolant,it has an isx cummins engine?

    it started loosing coolant about 2 weeks ago,peterbilt in springfield,mo replaced the egr cooler now loosing coolant in okc is saying egr cooler isnt leaking this time,any idea on what it might be?|||could be lots of things, if its not an external leak, it could be head gasket, cylinder liners,injector sleeves etc, get to a shop and ask them to put it on a coolant pressure tester and check around for a leak, usually if its leaking then they can find it

    btw egr valve is a very common source, coolant gets dripped into the exhaust very slowly.

    Outside temp gauge peterbilt 379 mounted in the rpm is now reading in Celsius not F why?

    Year model2005. Is it a sensor or what?|||Some one hit the button and changed it. check owners manual on how to switch it back. There should be buttons on the dash to scroll thru the computer on the dash.

    Where can I find a wiring schematic for a 1988 Peterbilt 379?

    you are probly gonna have to go to a Peterbilt dealer ship to get that or contact the factory

    How do i hook up a cb in a 2005 peterbilt where i wont get any feed back from the electrical system?

    Put a filter in the Antenna lead.|||Keep the mike away from the speaker and you will not get "feedback". Or are you trying to say something else.

    What is the difference between Peterbilt's models 359 and 379?

    i belive the hood legenth is longer, i'm sure are also some other differenes also|||That's a question a dealer would be more apt to have the answer for.

    Or try their web page at|||the 369

    How do you replace an engine on my 1984 Peterbilt 362 cabover

    you must remove the cab to pull the engine out. this includes but not limited to removing the shifter unhooking the steering column un hooking all wires from cab cab pivot hinges.

    have fun|||I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm thinking if you have to ask this question you probably shouldn't be attempting this.Do you have a hoist, or a crane, or a big forklift? You're gonna need that and more. What engine do you have in your Pete ? Kitty cat, Cummings, Detroit, and what's going in ??

    Need some specs for a 3406E in a Peterbilt?

    I need to know what the specs are for a 3406E model Peterbilt . It is in a 1995 Perterbilt|||Reading the info I get from the manual this is what you are looking at. You do know how to find tdc on this I hope. If not you can e mail me and I will explain it.

    Torque Specs

    Mains 200 lb.ft + 120 degrees

    Rods 70 lb. + 90 degrees

    Head 350 lb

    Jakes (80 lb. bolts) (60 lb. nuts)

    Injector 46 lb

    Cam Side:

    3406 E

    Valve Adjustment No. 1 TDC Intake 1,2,4

    Intake - .015 Exhaust 1,3,5

    Exhaust - .030 No. 6 TDC Intake 3,5,6

    Exhaust 2,4,6

    Inj. Adjustment No. 1 TDC 3,5,6

    Turn 360 deg. 1,2,4

    Jake - Slave Piston Lash Setting

    435 H.P. .030 in.

    410 H.P. .027 in.|||thats not going to be real easy. basics are available at any pete dealer service department. horsepower/torque etc. as I am sure you know the 3406e is the 1st gen of the electronic 3406 engine. is there some specific issue you are having with it?

    Mixing a kenworth walk in sleeper with a peterbilt truck,?

    can a kenworth walk-in sleeper from the 1990s be custom fitted onto a 1980's peterbilt truck? dose the shapes of the 2 trucks make it inpossable to do or with a little custom body work, they can be put together with out any notice that they are from 2 differant trucks?|||It can very simply be done, Both Peterbilt %26amp; KW bodies are mfg'd by the same company so the parts are pretty universal. just make sure that the sleeper is not a unibilt sleeper, that would require alot of body work but if they both use the "boot" style then it can be done.|||I've never done this but I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work.

    What's the cheapest way to make my 2007 379 peterbilt loud? Can I just gut the mufflers?

    yea as long as you stay out of California .you can also put on bigger stacks that will make it echo and be louder|||the law says that all commercial vehicles in the US have to have mufflers and altering a muffler in any way for its originality is also against the law. its your money so do as you please. i have seen big rigs sitting in a weigh station, put out of service because of straight pipes.|||We have done this to quite a few trucks with stacks! Take the mufflers off and repalce them with straight pipes. If you want it to look like it has mufflers make some spacers for the heat shield and put the heat shield over the strait pipes. You can tell from a distance that the mufflers are gone. Gutting the mufflers will give you a annoying tinny sound.|||Life isn't hard enough for you. Either that, or the 2000 watt subwoofer in your car isn't loud enough for you any more either. Say this; H e a r i n g t e s t. Now make an appointment with the doctor.|||yeah you could but it might not be healthy, you can make a hole someone in the exhaust pipe and it will make it loud, not sure where tho.|||Straight pipes.No mufflers.|||Why!

    Where is the main HVAC Fan on a 2000 peterbilt 377?

    Fixing an out of balance fan, took the cover off the kickpanel to reveal the in-cab filter, and I don't see a fan, or motor, or anything like that right there. Is it buried deep in the dash? Is there an easy way to get to it? Thanks|||pull the glove box out, should be right there

    What type of radiator (IE:model number or part number, etc.) do I need for a 1988 Peterbilt 379?

    The truck has a 400 HP Cummins.|||have you tried to call Pete with the Vin.number ? they should be able to tell you that info. i would not buy a rad. from them they are too much money. ma be you can send the rad out to be repaired or cleaned if the core is OK. depending on where you live i know of a good rad. shop, we use them for all of our work. at least they are honest people and a mom and pop shop.|||a gm the radiator same as a daewoo

    Were would you buy peterbilt motor homes?

    I would like to know were you can buy one. I would also like to know the web page or pages are too.|||Check out these links:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>


    Why does the ac not blow hard on my 359 peterbilt?

    Where does it take the air in when it is on recirculate?|||90%+ intake on floor, 10% or Less from outside. Possible Weak/Bad Evaporator Fan.|||Most that I've seen is just below the windshield under the hood. I would be looking for a air filter in the heater box if your not getting much air movement. The owners manual should help with it's location.

    How much water does a radiator hold in a peterbilt truck?

    i was just wondering how much water a pertrbilt truck holds in the radiator?|||a lot depend on they model any were from 6-10 gallons|||There are several levels of trucks manufactured by Pete, but generally around four gallons....|||12

    Where is the bright light indicator on a 1999 Peterbilt Truck.?

    Where you see if you're on bright lights or dimmed lights.|||near the speedometer, maybee the bulb is broken

    Why did the peterbilt truck company discontinue the production of the peterbilt 379?

    The big nose Pete was a thing of beauty, but the signature big square nose didn't do anything for aerodynamics, also spelled fuel mileage. The newer narrow nose profile is just plain more efficient.|||It was discontinued for a couple of reasons first off the engines used in that model did not meet the emissions standards for a diesel engine and most importantly the designers decided to do away with it to produce more off the newer model the 389

    My speedometer and brake lights quit working in my 92 Peterbilt 379.?

    My trucks brake lights and speedometer does not work. The truck was parked for about six weeks and not started. I noticed the speedometer was not working and a friend told me the brake lights were out. Everything else seems to be working. Are these items fused? Can the problem be related or serperate? I am not a truck mechanic, I only drive it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!|||check fuses first...then go from there...till you find current follow circuits back from problem

    Have 98 peterbilt 379 that the right turn signal is sending power back to left side.?

    If brakes are press while right turn is on all lights light up like brakes. Left turn on and brakes press everything works fine.|||I do know that these lights do some strange things if each light is not well grounded. Check the grounds first between the light and the frame , otherwise the electricity tends to go back up the ground of the other bulb and throughits lead wire to eventually find ground.

    How do I hook auxiliary lights to the auxiliary switch or spare switch on a 2000 Peterbilt 378?

    You could just wire you own switch in for the lights. You can mimic this diagram:鈥?/a>

    Instead of using an L.E.D. tube, you'd just be wiring in the auxiliary lights. It's just easier and safer this way b/c some circuits run on a certain power draw and if it's disrupted it can have dire consequences. If you need ANY help just e-mail me. Good luck!

    Where can I find a scribe for a wood floor in a peterbilt truck?

    A simple compass, like in school, will work for a scribe

    Where can I find an owner's manual for my 1985 Peterbilt?

    It is a model 359 extended hood. It has a 3406B CAT with 13 speed tranny. I have service manual for it but would like to have owner's manual.|||contact the company|||Contact Peterbilt

    Look on e-bay|||You should be able to go to any peterbuilt company that sells the trackters and they can tell you were to get one or go to the peterbuilt company on the computor.



    How can I get more power from a Peterbilt 377?

    I drive a pete 377 and I was wonder how I could get more power out of it|||If it is a cummins call Bruce in Pittsburg at Pittsburg power. I do not have his number handy but do a web search for Pittsburg power. if it is a cat or a detroit i can't help.|||What year is this thing?

    Depends on the make, model and present horsepower of the engine. A bigger turbo might help as well as bigger injectors.

    Just keep in mind with all the new emission regulations being placed on large truck diesel engines, if you start messing around with the engine, you may end up putting this thing to work between Guadalahara and Tijuana, as you'll certainly not be able to use it in the US.

    My suggestion; consider a newer truck with the engine you want.

    Where might I be able to find a frame for a Peterbilt, or have one made?

    I'm looking to restore an older Pete 378, or possibly convert it to a 379 EXHD. However It needs a new frame (It's not damaged, but it's too short). Is there anywhere around the Kansas City area that specializes in truck frames?|||Just about any commercial truck repair center should be able to tell where there is someone that will do what you want. It is very common to have truck frames extended or shortened as need.

    How far will a 2010 387 peterbilt go with the fuel light on?

    Its only got 1 tank and its 150 gallon tank with a isx and a 13 speed|||Fuel gauges and low fuel warning lights are notorious for being inaccurate in trucks. If you think you can trust it I wouldn't push that anything further than 50 mile.

    What is the cheapest tractor trailer brand freightliner international volvo peterbilt kenworth or mack?

    Guess - Mack %26amp; Freightliner, then Volvo, then Petes %26amp; Kenworths.|||I would say Peterbilt.

    Where can I find a speedometer for a 1987 379 Peterbilt?

    and is it the seedometer or could it be something else.|||Order it from the dealer, ebay or use a aftermarket one. And if your a trucker I pray for you, not many people see how much you help people. Thanks.|||try or your local garage, these parts are very hard to find. you might as well look for alternative parts from other makes that you can use.

    How to unfreeze A S-Cam on A Peterbilt 379?

    I have a1989 peterbilt Extended hood! I cant unlock the brakes? I tried hitting it with a hammer and heating it up on the drums! Nothing worked so i figured that it is the s-cam! I really need someone to help me out on this!

    Thank you!|||Are the brake linings so thin that the S-cam has cammed over? It may be that you will need to use force to get the cam back to normal position.

    Perhaps using a bottle jack to push the slack-adjuster back.

    Perhaps adjusting the slack-adjuster forward, to force a brake application to push the cam farther over.

    Are you sure that the spring brake is released?|||The only thing I can add to Ironhand is that it should go to a shop %26amp; take the wheel %26amp; drum off and redo the brakes %26amp; S cam bushings just to be on the safe side. There's no sense taking short cuts because you don't want problems.|||first i would back the slack adjuster all the way off, then try it. If they have cammed over, you should be able to remove the drum

    What Peterbilt class 8 big rig truck Gets The BEST MPG?and how do you improve your MPG on your big rig truck?

    someone i know wants a peterbilt but he wants it to have good gas mileage so what peterbilt gets the best miles per gallon? and how can you improve your mpg on your current tractor trailer truck? thanks|||the only way to get good gas mileage is to drive at the normal speed limit. or have a new peterbuilt. you really can't save much. or you can try going under the speed limit.

    What are the best winter drive tires for a Peterbilt?

    I have a 2004 Pete and need new drive tires. I've been using continentals, but they don't seem to last very long. I want the best tires for their value I can find|||Aeolus Tires and Oliver Tires are the brands I sell the most of. I sell all brands but these 2 seem to be the best value and wear for the price. My commercial buyers buy these on a 2 to 1 basis over Michellin and Fireston.

    Can I swap my conventional steering column in a Peterbilt 379 to a tilt/telescope steering column?

    Will modifications to the steering shaft have to be made?|||your shaft will be ok just order the right year tilt/telescope and you will have a easy swap electric wiring will take the longest part of it|||As long as the U-Joint end of the shaft (at the gearbox) is the same it should be a bolt on upgrade. The through hole in the cab would be in exactly the same place although a bolt hole or two may differ to some minor degree.|||all the cabs are the same for a particular model, tilt/tele is just an option added at the factory, you either payed for it you didn't, there not going to change the cab for a single option. actually it's an easy swap, the column itself will be the biggest expense.

    What happens when my speed sensor goes out on my Peterbilt 378?

    My dump truck does not go faster then 50 mph on the freeway and I was wondering if a bad speed sensor could be the problem. If it's not the sensor then what do you think is the problem? I have a Detroit Diesel series 60 engine.|||Could be several reasons there Strawberry, and if your speedometer is reading 50 mph and your actually doing 70 then yes your speed sensor is bad. when was the last time you changed a fuel or air filter?|||I am sorry to say I have no clue because I do not work on cars, trucks, or suv's but if I were you take it to a shop that knows all about cars, trucks, suvs and have them tell you what the problem is and how much it would cost you to get it fixed. That is your best bet so you can get the right answers to the problems you are having and getting it fixed right.

    How do you adjust spring breaks on a peterbilt?

    I cant seem to figure out how to back off the spring breaks? Theres a way to back them off! You put a reciever in the air chamber. But if you turn that so your spring breaks dont work, can you turn it back like say in the summer! When its warmer to work on it? Or will something decide to break in the chamber? Like the springs? If anyone can help me on this i would appreciate it alot! im hanging up on one drum!

    Thanks|||On the side of the brake chamber there is a bolt about 4in. long with sort of a T on one end. It's stock through a holder then a nut %26amp; washer is tightened on the other end to hold it. Take this off the side of the chamber it is in the middle (DO NOT TAKE THE BOLTS OFF THE RINGS THAT HOLD THE CHAMBER TOGETHER THIS CAN SERIOUSLY HURT YOU) . I think the one you want is mounted sideways to the two Rings Take the T end of this bolt and stick into the end of the chamber %26amp; turn .You should feel it hook behind something to where you can't pull it out unless you turn it somemore. Get it hooked in and then put the washer and nut on %26amp; start tightening the nut when you can't tighten no more they are backed off. Don't get caught by the dot .I've run em' like that for a long time before . The bolt should be a 1/2 bolt or so, the wrench that fits the nut is a 3/4 or so..The bolts on the rings that will hurt you are 9/16. If there's not one on the chamber look on another chamber all spring brake or double chambers should have or used to have one for towing.|||Sound like you are talking about the spring activated parking brake on an air brake system. The spring retaning bolts can be installed and tightened to remove the pressure off of the springs for an indefinite amount of time with no damage but a random DOT insoection would result in the truck being placed out of service|||If you back off the spring breaks which only work when parked, then what are you going to use when you try and apply the service brakes ? If the brake is hanging up you have to address the issue. Are your shoes worn ? is your slack adjuster set properly? is your " S " cam worn. Spring keys are only used to allow you service the pots or brakes not so you can go down the road without brakes on 1 wheel and endanger others on the road. You will propably find if you do try this as soon as you apply the brakes ,that on that wheel your brake pot will soon be in several pieces and most of them will no longer be attached to the truck. Do you not have to have an air brake certificate where you drive? You should know better if you are a real truck driver. I certainly hope you are nowhere my town on the road.

    What are the symptoms of Caterpillar diesel turbos that have overheated in a Peterbilt?

    I'm buying this truck and need to know . Thanks|||I've been working on diesel engines going on 30 years. A turbo does not over heat in these types of installations without causing damage to the exhaust manifolds, pistons, heads, and discoloring the block. Most pistons are limited to 1350 degrees f, while turbos can handle temperatures just above 1625 degrees f. Axial free-play is allowed, but torsional free-play in the turbo should not allow it to have the blades strike or rub on the case. today's turbo in these engines run around 100k-125k rpms.

    You can shut down the engine too soon (not very likely for a 18 wheeler) and cause the oil to be cooked on the shaft, thus causing the shaft seal not to seal. Major thing to look at is the condition of the compressor and turbine wheel. Also see if oil is burning on the exhaust side or if there is oil in the charge air. You, will also want to check the air intake for the a sign of any dirt that may have made it into the intake.

    Pay a independent shop to do a "General health check (dyno run and systems check)" and an oil analysis for $275. That will tell you how worn out the engine is, how well the cooling system is doing, ect.|||Both answers were great !! again thanks

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    |||Does it have 1 turbo or 2? Generaly, excessive noise coming from the turbo when runing, especialy when under a load.Such as hard excelleration , loaded truck, if possible. Listen for turbo noise, they turn 30,000-40,000 R.P.M. at full throttle. Also check the amount of boost pressure, approx. 20 to 35 psi., when accelerating , say 1,400 to 2,000 R.P.M.Check for oil leaks, both outside and inside the turbo, exhaust manifold.If possible. When it's been shut off say,1 hour,take off the intake pipe and exhaust at the turbo,WITH GLOVES ON! reach in on both sides, hold the turbine shaft and try to wigle, push and pull , checking for too much free play, or clearance.Try calling your nearest CAT service dept. for help, tell them how you checked the turbo, ask for their opinion, most will be willing to help you with further testing. Good Luck.

    Are kenworth and peterbilt trucks the same company?

    I never wondered this before

    is kenworth a builder of trucks and is peterbilt a design?|||both owned by paccar their parent company|||No, not the same company.

    However most of the major parts are used in the both trucks. Engine, tranny, rear end and so on.

    Were do i find a list of what the codes mean ,for a peterbilt on board diagnostics scan?

    we have a 1999 ,600 cat , peterbilt. It does over the road self diagnostics, and flashes a code at you.Where do i find out what these codes mean ?|||Manufacturer will be able to give you these. I suspect that they might be the same as those used on OBD automotive ECUs, so that would be another approach.

    Where can I find a clutch actuator for a peterbilt?

    I am looking for a clutch Actuator for a 2002 Peterbilt 387 with a meritor Transmission, also need the clutch fork for the same truck, I already call my local Peterbilt Dealer but is over $2,000.00. if anybody know a place on the internet or a dealer where I can buy a little cheaper please let me know, I don't know where else to get it.|||call fleetpride. dont know your area but there should be one near you.|||well you go to np land and u take 5 right turns until u find a big brown mushy figure reach around in it pull it out and u found it! HOPE IT HELPED!